ScienceModule2 icon

A Level 2 Science Module

Science is an important resource for the player that wants to keep up with the increasing difficulty. Similar to food's leveling system, science allows the upgrading of Modules, both Major and Minor. Also it can be used to instantly recharge heroes active skills.


In order to research upgrades, an Endless Artefact must first be found.

An Endless Artefact

These can be found randomly throughout the dungeon floors. These artefacts do not need power to use, allowing for instant use upon finding one. Artefacts change appearance depending on how many doors are remaining before the research completes, glowing brighter when closer to completion.


Activating an artefact prompts a selection of modules to upgrade, one from each of the four categories along the bottom left of the screen. The selection can present options to either upgrade or research an entirely new module. Every upgrade takes 3 doors before it is finished, however all pending upgrades will automatically be finished upon opening the last door of the current level.

Hovering over any of the options will provide information on the module and its upgrade. Max level for every module is level 4, and occasionally the selection allows one to skip a level for an increased cost.

DotE Artefact

Artefact appearance at different doors-remaining.

Upon choosing an option, the selection is locked until it is completed. Thus, the decision is final, taking its cost and only returning anything in 3 doors. This can be further complicated by the fact that some mobs focus on destroying artefacts, requiring some defense of them and wariness towards using one too far in the darkness.  Mobs will only attack an artefact that is actively researching, so if one is found in an indefensible location, it can be preserved by simply not activating it until it can be protected.  Unlike player built modules, artefacts cannot be repaired using the Repair skill.  If an artefact is destroyed, a Major Slot will be left in its place.

Every upgrade also modifies the appearance of modules, and automatically upgrades any preexisting ones

Active Skills RechargeEdit

Price is 3 science per cooldown turns left per skill level.
This action recharge all skills that are on cooldown you can't select only one skill to recharge if you have both on cooldown. You can't use skill before it duration expires (even if you recharge it instantly after use).


In order to gain more science, science modules can be created. This adds to the stock +3 of science per door. Science can also be found randomly in rooms with special platforms, yielding up to 10 science.