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Nothing in the dark is scarier than you are


Level 1 : Edit

  • (Heroes in unpowered room): Speed +5
  • (Monsters in room): Dust loot probability +5%

Heroes: Hikensha (lvl 1), Golgy Phurtiver (lvl 8), Ayairi Whairydd (lvl 4)

Level 2 : Edit

  • (Heroes in unpowered room): Speed +8
  • (Monsters in room): Dust loot probability +7%

Hero: Hikensha (lvl 10), Ayairi Whairydd (lvl 12)

This ability can be quite useful for escaping unpowered rooms when monsters attack, preventing extra damage done to heroes when trying to escape. This can be especially useful when using a strategy involving opening doors and running back to powered defenses to attack.

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