Here will be a chart of different modules


Build Cost Priority Target

DPS/Full upgrade

Damage per Industry

Prisoner Prod 3 Industry Anti-hero mobs 18/28 6/9.33 Very effective only in large numbers
Tesla Module 7 Industry Anti-module mobs 35/56 5/8
Smoking Gun 8 Industry Special mobs 50*/100* 6.25/12.5

Limmited burst damage

KIP Cannon 9 Industry Most powerful mobs 40*/76* 4.4/8.44

125+ required Science stored

Viral Injector 9 Industry Special mobs 58.5*/337.5* 6.5/37.5


Tear Gas 7 Industry Mobs in room 4.ea/8.ea (4.57/9.14 per 8 mobs or

0.57 each

Strips mob armor

Seblaster 11 Industry Mobs in room 6(+1.25)* /


5.3/7.8 per

8 mobs pack or

0.66 ea/0.98 ea

Hits Heros and Mobs

Claymoar 11 Industry Basic Mobs 7.5(+2.5)/11(+2.5) 7.28/9.84 per

8 mobs pack or

0.91/1.23 each

35%~40% radius

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