Major Modules

Major Modules are structures that may only be built on a Major Slot. A Major Slot is a large, central slot shown as a plus sign. Due to the way the room generation works, there are either 0 or 1 of these slots in every room. After a Major Module is built on this slot, it services the entire floor,not just the room it is in.

The Food, Industry, Science, and Emergency Generator modules have incremental costs. The Industry needed to construct these modules increases for every major module on the current floor. The cost of Food, Industry and Science modules increases by 5 for each module, while the Generator increases by 10.

Most modules have four upgrade levels (I/II/III/IV) which are researched by using artifacts. Each level increases the module's effectiveness, HP and defense.

Heroes with the Operate skill and Mechanical Pal can increase the performance of a major module in the same room.

List of Major ModulesEdit

Type Image Function (at levels I/II/III/IV) Industry ICON Industry cost to construct
Food Replicator Major0001 LVL3 Produces 3/4/5/6 food per turn 20 + (5 * major modules on level)
Industry Generator Major0002 LVL3 Produces 3/4/5/6 industry per turn 20 + (5 * major modules on level)
Science Creator Major0003 LVL3 Produces 3/4/5/6 science per turn 20 + (5 * major modules on level)
LAN module Major0004 LVL3 Adds 120% / 140% / 170% / 200%

to all module's defense (both major and minor)

Tactical HUD Adds 18% / 21% / 23% / 26%

attack power to all heroes on the floor (stackable)

Shop Teleports a merchant to the shop. If merchant is present, produces dust when operated. Amount of dust produced is (Wit/10) round up. 25
Emergency Generator Powers a room without dust. If operated, increases the dust loot probability on the floor. 60 + (10 * major modules on level)
Field Medic Heal Cost reduced by 15% / 18% / 21% / 25%

Adds 2% / 10% / 18% / 26%

Defense to all heroes on the floor

Adds 2% / 10% / 18% / 26%

Defense to NPCs on the floor