Dust is used as a power source by The Crystal to power rooms. Unlike the other resources however, Dust will not carry over to the next floor and there is no easy way to gain a steady income of it, not even a base income like the others. It is mostly found by exploring new rooms and killing monsters.

Powering roomsEdit

Every 10 Dust that you have can be used to power an entire room. The benefits of powering a room are as follows: 

  • Powered rooms allow the building of Modules both minor and major, providing more resources and defence for the dungeon and room respectively.
  • Powered rooms will not spawn monsters. This is incredibly useful for protecting key areas of your dungeon.

If your crystal is hit by any monsters (There is a certain monster that always goes straight for your crystal) the amount of dust decreases with each hit. This can be a nightmare to control and you must place a high emphasis on protecting your crystal. If you run out of Dust because of this, the Crystal will explode resulting in a Game Over.

As a currencyEdit

Dust is sometimes used by The Merchant as a currency to trade with to obtain items, armour and devices. When a dust merchant is present, selling items in order to obtain more dust can significantly increase survivability on that floor. It is also a good tactic to buy as much as you can before leaving the floor because dust cannot be taken with you.

Sources of dustEdit

  • When opening a new room, there is a chance to find dust. The passive skill Pilfer (Max O'Kane) gives extra dust when opening a room with dust. A Third Eye also grants the Pilfer skill to a hero.
  • A Dust Factory can occasionally be found in the dungeon. This costs 30 industry to trigger and can give a significant amount of dust or give none and destroy all module spots in the room.
  • A Shop occupied by a Merchant gives 1 dust for every 10 wit used to operate it. This amount is rounded up, so 1-10 wit gives 1 dust, 11-20 wit gives 2 dust, and so on. Having a Shop operated by a hero (possibly augmented by Mechanical Pals to increase wit above the next multiple of 10) can yield a significant income of dust. A single unaided Mechanical Pal will yield 1 dust if built in a room with an occupied shop, making it useful to have at least rank 1 Mechanical Pal unlocked throughout the game.

Dust from monstersEdit

Monsters have a chance to drop dust when killed, with more powerful monsters generally having a higher probability. Dust probability can be influenced through the following methods:

Note that the skills Hold the Line (Lady Joleri Tulak, Kreyang) and Dust Thirst (Lady Joleri Tulak) decrease dust loot.

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