Bio-organic Transference

Each kill heals up to (100~) HP, based on the power of that monster, distributed by heroes in the room.

Player Notes: It appears to split healing to all heroes regardless of heroes that are already full HP. This generally means that in a room with four heroes and only one being focused, the hero will be healed more with an Autodoc than with a Bio-organic. The Bio-organic will be more effective and consistent in a room being solo defended by someone like Ken or Mizi.


Production price 9 Industry

Level Heal Amount Analyze Cost
1 100 25
2 150 25
3 200 34
4 250 43

Flavour TextEdit

"Recombines any waste material into healthy flesh. Smells awful."

Strategy Edit

Especially useful with the Infirmary Pod, as it's the most consistent remaining way to heal.

Otherwise, combine with a chokepoint, a tough hero, and some buffing modules.

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